Dios nos ha dado un dia de vida para honrarle y escuchar su palabra, y con este mismo espiritu de adoracion queremos recibir a nuestros visitantes, Bienvenidos! Es para nosotros una bendicion de Dios tenerles entre nosotros, y nos gustaria verles otra vez en el templo. "Mas los que esperan a Jehova tendran nuevas fuerzas;..." AMEN! Isaias 40:31


Welcome and thank you for visiting the First Mexican Fundamental Baptist Church web site. We are committed to reaching out to the lost, building up the believer and serving those around us. We are constantly challenging each other to understand God's great love and to grow in our devotion to Him. Visit our pages and learn about our ministry, then come and visit us in person. We would love to welcome you into our community and share our faith experiences with you. We offer many opportunites to study the Word of God and we invite you to participate as you feel comfortable. We encourage you to review the information about our church and the work of Jesus Christ. If you have any specific questions that are not answered on our website, feel free to call or email.


The First Mexican Fundamental Baptist Church will be reaching a historical milestone this year as they celebrate their 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary on February 28. A special thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday, February 25th at 4pm to commemorate the church’s 75 years in God’s ministry. The church’s humble beginnings began on February 28, 1943 in a small wood frame building in the corner of Durango and San Jacinto, where Sidney Lanier High School is now located. Dr. Manuel C. Ortiz was the founding Pastor of this First Mexican Fundamental Baptist Church that actively grew from 5 to 500 members in the west side during his 33 years in the ministry. In 1973, God led the church to be relocated to it’s present location of 455 Avant on the southeast side, where now his son, Dr. Manuel G. Ortiz, Jr. continues as Pastor for more than 41 years in God’s ministry. Some of the various church ministries have included a bible seminary, supporting world-wide missions, community youth services, and “good news” gospel programs. The church has also played a vital role in the organization of many missions and hispanic fundamental baptist churches in the United States and Mexico. Many of those churches comprised the “Companerismo Bautista” fellowship that was organized by the founding Pastor in 1954. By his vision, his dream became reality through the hands of many. The church continues to preach the gospel and give all the honor an glory to Jesus Christ. Amen!

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